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The Prime Minister will play the lead role of Willy Loman in an upcoming Canberra production of Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman‘ later this year.

Death of a Salesman first opened on New York’s Broadway in 1949 and quickly became a runaway success with many pundits saying it was the best American play since A Street Car Named Desire.

The play is being produced by Canberra’s oldest community theatre group, the Tempo Theatre and it’s understood by The Advocate that Scott Morrison attended a number of auditions and only today learned he got the role.

But as Mr Morrison is not doing any media for the foreseeable future because it’s too stressful for him at the moment, our reporter spoke to his close personal friend Malcolm Turnbull about the role.

“Would you fuck off with this shit?” said Malcolm.

“Every time you call this number, it’s just more bullshit. Inane, juvenile rubbish. There’s no way Scott only just learned he had the role, too, by the way. He would’ve known for ages and simply told us when he thought it’d work best for him. I find it very hard to believe. But I do see some parallels between Willy Loman and Scott Morrison. Both creating this fantasy world while the real world goes to shit around them,”

“So unless you can tell me what seventeen down is in today’s Herald cryptic crossword, we’re done for today.”

The Advocate reached out to The Tempo Theatre for comment but as it’s community theatre, it might take a while.

More to come.


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