After making headlines for sticking it to the major parties and One Nation, Jacqui Lambie has now been asked to keep the fire burning today.

Following on from her choice words for anti-vaxxers and the government for its lack of action on a federal corruption commission, the Independent Tasmanian Senator has since received a large bundle of briefing documents from the CSIRO.

The few remaining employees of the science organisation that’s been gutted for decades by federal governments have reportedly asked Jacqui to take up the fight on Climate Change as well.

“Given the display of leadership on jab mandates and holding corrupt politicians to account we thought maybe she could help us out with saving the planet too,” laughed a researcher today.

“We’ve been trying for years to convince the government that there is a heap of money to be made in getting ahead of the rush using science and innovation to create clean energy across this massive continent,” she said.

“Obviously that would mean a stack of jobs for working Australians and create a bit of stability for our economy moving into the future.”

“Which I would think is something that people would be keen on, and even vote for.”

However, given the suspicious dragging of the chain by the Federal Government who is supposed to be the business savvy party, the CSIRO is hoping Jacqui can kick start things.

“Obviously she’s got a fair bit on as an independent senator, so we’ve just tried to give her the key points and some of the things that politicians should be using to convince voters that this is actually the future,” said another researcher.

“Hopefully Queen Jacqui can take up the fight.”

More to come.


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