A greyhound driver has today held an entire bus captive to his random musings, including some very interesting education about the highway.

It’s alleged passengers boarding the bus from Brisbane to Toowoomba had expected a quiet trip, where they could spend two hours looking out the window and slowly watching the sparse city transform into luscious greenery, and weird anti abortion signs.

But unfortunately for the 2:00 pm Saturday cohort, they were transported by an unnaturally chatty older gentleman, who relished the opportunity to chat nonsense over the intercom.

“This is the 2 pm ride to Toowoomba, stopping off at Gatton and Withcott on the way.”

“Should only take an hour and forty-five minutes, so we’ll probably get in around 3:45 pm”

“We’ll be going on the Warrego Highway, which is named after the Warrego river.”

“‘Warrego’ is an indigenous word which means ‘bad’, or ‘river of sand.’

“Ah, part of that includes Darren Lockyer’s way, who we all know is named after the great Darren Lockyer.”

“Now when you’re going up the range, you might want to suck on some lollies because it can block your ears which bloody hurts, I tell you.”

“Should be in Toowoomba soon, and when we are, double-check you haven’t left anything on the bus,” he said, leaving passengers to try and refresh for better reception in between staring out the window.

More to come.


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