The nation’s Defence Minister has today succeeded in getting 35,000 dollars out of an Australian with a Twitter account after he managed to prove that he is capable of feeling emotions.

Peter Dutton snagged the win in the Federal Court of Australia, proving that the tweeter defamed him by saying a nasty thing on the internet.

The issue related to a now-deleted tweet by a man named Shane Bazzi, which the court found defamed Mr Dutton.

Dutton, who oversaw the locking up of people indefinitely under his watch as the Home Affairs Minister, successfully won damages against a refugee activist who called him something mean on Twitter.

“It was hurtful and I was offended by it. I don’t believe this is a freedom of speech issue,” Dutton said, despite being a prominent member of a political Coalition who constantly bang on about freedom of speech until someone says something they don’t like.

The revelation that Dutton was offended by the tweets comes as confirmation that he does feel human emotions – just not in relation to little girls whose teeth fall out from being imprisoned by the government.

Despite not feeling anything when people have their lives ruined by his government’s actions, it’s now evident that he feels things when people criticise him for his behaviour.

It’s not known what this new sensitive side of Dutton will lead to, but it’s believed it probably won’t be reflected in his policy.

More to come.


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