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A big old boy from Mackay is scratching his head this morning after the government revealed that the promised tax cuts won’t be coming in until next financial year.

The happy-go-lucky man of great husk, who friends refer to often as ‘Tom’, told The Advocate this afternoon that he voted for the incumbent government because he needs job security, tax relief and the promise of a brighter future.

“At least that’s what I thought,” he said.

Tom spoke to The Advocate via telephone a short time ago and seemed rather upset.

“The dog-tongued prick on the news told me this morning that parliament isn’t sitting again until the next financial year, which means I won’t get my FUCKING tax cuts until next year. I could’ve sworn ScoMo said I’d get it this year,”


“Jesus wept, it wasn’t like I was going to buy shares or top up my super with those tax cuts. I was going to spend my entire tax return at TackleWorld then head out to Swains in November and jig the fuck out of the reef until there is no more fish on it. Fuck me. I should’ve voted for fucking Clive, I tell you what.”

The line then went dead.

More to come.


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