After dedicating 9-years of his life to the complex plotlines and character arc’s of one of the most expensive television series in the history of mankind, local TV connoisseur Brent Pereira (33) has only one thing to say about the Game Of Thrones Finale.

“Yawn” says Brento.

“Worst. Final. Episode. Ever”

Of course, Brent’s five-word review is understandable. Even coming someone who stopped watching Mad Men after the novelty of1950s day-drinking wore off after two seasons.

The fact that he’s only ever watched one other TV series from start to finish is also irrevelant, because that one series actually set a benchmark for modern television.

No it’s not the 6-character phenomena that was Breaking Bad – and no it’s not The Wire, which he had to watch with subtitles because he so white, it’s something much more relevant to the canon of Western Civilisation.

The Office (US version).

The iconic middle-American television sitcom that aired on NBC from 2005-2013, also lasting nine seasons. Often referred to as the pinnacle of TV.

The Office (US) is an adaptation of the UK’s original BBC series of the same name, and was adapted for American television by actually being funny for more than three episodes.

According to Brent, and the rest of the world, last night’s long-awaited finale just simply doesn’t compare to Dwight’s Wedding.

“There’s absolutely no comparison” says Brento.

“To anyone who argues that GOT is better than the Carrell version of the office. I’ve got one word for you”


“[stoner laugh]”

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