The Sunshine Coast Daily has refused to apologise for publishing a front page featuring Annastacia Palaszczuk burning alive in a town square with the words “BURN THE WITCH”.

The NewsCorp paper’s election analysis: “Labor rout puts Premier on the stake, where she will be burned, by first us, and then voters, because she is a seemingly competent Labor politician, who is also a woman. Jobs in Central Queensland until you spew. Gina wants it. So does Adani. And thanks to us. The punters do too. Fuck the environment. Lets flog this fragile coastline like a beat up Tarago full of Tongans. Hahahaha” argued that the Queensland Labor leader was now in danger of losing power after the ALP’s poor showing across Queensland in the Federal Election over the weekend.

It appears Murdoch-owned newspapers across the country are now acutely aware of the power they wield within marginal seats across Queensland, after effectively rebranding a moderate policy aimed at limiting the billions in cash bonuses that our Federal Government already pays to wealthy boomers, into a full blown “retiree tax”.

It is for this reason, that the media empire seem to be acting like they are above both the press council and the ACMA, by refusing to apologise for a front page that depicts the violent murder of woman – in a country where one woman per week dies at the hands of someone she knows.

Other explanations for this cocky editorial decision may be the fact that Saturday’s result has effectively sealed the fate of the ABC, with $60 million in budget slashes expected by the 2020 Federal Budget. Meaning that Murdoch’s already sizeable 70% media marketshare across regional Australia will increase dramatically.

Rupert Murdoch’s office was asked for comment but he was unavailable as it was hatching time in the News Limited lizard enclosure.

“But no we won’t ,, apologise. This is . PC gone made (sic). Suck eggs . lefties !!!” said a spokesperson for the villainous news monopoly.


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