A disgruntled hospo worker has today decided to test the waters with a new employee, for confirmation she’s not the only one who hates the floor manager, Bec the bitch.

After working at the Shifty Hen for well over a year, Emma Simmons [24] had gotten to know all the staff members pretty well, forging some solid relationships with fellow bar staff, who’d come to commiserate over late-night pack downs and creepy cooks.

But one person Emma has always butted heads with is the queen bee Bec, who strangely seems to have quite the cohort despite being a raging bitch. Or maybe Emma is the only person she talks down to, for reasons unknown to her.

If she had someone to confide in, it may make those long twelve-hour shifts a little more bearable. However, it’s always hard to know off the base if someone shares similar feelings, which is why Emma needs to get a little creative with her fishing.

Luckily for Emma, a new bar staff means someone not yet indoctrinated into a clique – making it the perfect opportunity to nab herself a comrade.

Sweeping in with a ‘how’s your first week going?’, Emma quickly gets to work finding out if the new girl shares her feelings of hatred.

“I remember when I was new”, says Emma, “had to learn the ropes from Bec.”

“Has she been showing you around?”

Pausing to register any flickers of resentment on the girl’s face, Emma steels herself to dish out another loaded question, when the girl quickly confirms the beginnings of a burgeoning friendship.

“Yeah, not really.”

“Is she always like that?”

More to come.


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