A group of girls has decided to switch things up today, choosing to talk about their raging stomach issues instead of shitty boys.

This is said to have snowballed from one of the girls sending a picture of her severely bloated stomach, which was a result of consuming just one small bowl of pasta.

Captioning it as ‘I look fucking pregnant’, the image was quickly met with a chorus of empathetic responses and similar tales of woe.

“Lol same”, says Brittany, also sending a picture of her protruding stomach, “can’t stop farting.”

“I think I might be gluten intolerant?”

“It’s that or dairy. I hope it’s not dairy though, I love cheese too much I’d rather just be ill.”

One of the quieter members of the chat, Zoe, pipes up that she sincerely suspects she might have IBS.

“It’s so embarrassing, I’ve been keeping a diary of my symptoms”, admits Zoe, “have no idea what’s wrong.”

As Steph chimes in with a suitable gif, another mate Lisa adds that she always puts Spotify on when she’s using her boyfriend’s loo.

“I’m pretty over it.”

“Would like to go at least one week without having some stomach issue.”

More to come.


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