The Australian government is today wiping the egg off its face, after a rather embarrassing logistical error.

Following in the footsteps of Rugby League administrators, the government has accidentally sent a very important legal letter to the wrong person.

With the spat intensifying over violence on X (formerly Twitter), the Federal Court of Australia has issued an injunction to the platform.

The injunction has ordered X to ensure all clips of the alleged Sydney Church stabbing are removed from its platform for the next 2 days, while the e-safety commissioner figures out how to get the social media giant to play ball.

With no response from the tech giant that Elon Musk purchased so he could re-jig the algorithm to validate his ego, the court decide to try and serve the document directly to Elon himself.

However, the cargo short, polo shirt and baseball cap wearing server tasked with delivering the document has today been thrown a serious hospital pass.

Frantically trying to ascertain the details of the tech billionaire, it’s believed wires were unfortunately crossed.

As a result, the online personality who masquerades as Elon Musk, but is actually regional Chinese Man Yilong Ma, has been given the injunction.

Famous across social media, the man who has been training for a fight with Meta CEO Marky Mark Zuck said he was rather confused about the contents of the legal letter.

“There is a lot of jargon in here that I don’t really understand,” said Yilong.

“Stupid bunch of Kangaroo shit eaters. I’m not talking it down.”

“Fuck you. I’m Elon Ma!”

Government insiders have yet to comment on the monumental fuck up, but have alluded to the fact that they have nearly tracked down the real Emerald Mine funded techbro.

More to come.


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