Local woman Ayla Wilson is ready to turn a new leaf and become that neat person she’s always wanted to be.

As someone who looked perpetually scruffy, Ayla longed to be one of those people that always looks clean, without a single hair out of place or scuffed, uneven nails.

This commitment to being a better version of herself has resulted in Ayla waking up earlier to blow dry her hair, washing her socks more often and removing any clothes with mysterious food stains – and making a concerted effort to keep her work desk free from clutter.

But one thing all neat people have in common is perfect handwriting, and if Ayla’s notepad is anything to go by, at least she’d make a good doctor.

Purchasing herself a brand new one from Kikki-K – which is where she imagines superior neat people would shop – Ayla promises herself that her days of cat scratch writing are over.

“I just want to have my shit together”, admits Ayla to our reporter, who nods her head in agreement, “like can you imagine there are people out there who don’t get shit faced on the weekends and make stupid decisions?”

“Those are real adults and who I strive to be. It all starts with small decisions.”

Brandishing a manicured nail across her notepad, Ayla says her commitment to being better than everyone else even saw her throwing out all her Bic pens and choosing an expensive Mont Blanc model – with her initials inscribed in it, of course.

“Yep, I’m going to wear buns and linen and smell like vanilla.”

“It’s time to grow up and level up.”

It’s later revealed Ayla’s new lifestyle lasted approximately three days before her handwriting went to shit, and she got tired of ironing all her new clothes.

More to come.


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