Tech nerd’s favourite billionaire has done it again today, it can be confirmed.

Elon Musk has today completely pwned the Australian government and noted Noob Anthony Albanese, by offering to just buy the entire establishment.

Famous for his online quirkiness and stunts involving throwing around large amounts of money, Musk made the offer after his company X (formerly Twitter), was served with an injunction by the Federal Court.

The court served the company with an injunction (a temporary order), to hide violent posts involving the alleged stabbing at a Sydney Church for the next 2 days, after the e-safety commissioner previously ordered X to remove.

“Ha! Loser Australians. Remember when you used to be good at Rugby!” began Elon’s X post just moments ago.

“Now I’m going to buy your WHOLE government and post whatever I want, on whatever platform I want,” continued Musk, who has apparently concocted a plan to purchase the Australian government in its entirety.

The new plan comes after Elon Musk’s somewhat recent decision to buy Twitter cause he was frustrated with its management.

It’s unknown how he plans to facilitate the purchase of the government, but it’s believed the maverick emerald mine trust fund baby hopes the purchase will allow him to prop up future business endeavours – like he did with Tesla and SpaceX.

Jane Henry, a Professor of Constitutional Law at South Betoota Polytechnic explained to The Advocate the logistics around purchasing the government.

“It’s not as simple as just buying them out,” said Professor Henry.

“It’s a multi-layered process that involves countless long lunches, industry jaunts and lucrative job offers post political life, just to begin with.”

“You also need to influence the main stream media through providing advertising revenue that props up their business, and takes their head honchos out to long lunches.”

“Which is a hell of a lot of work.”

“And given Elon doesn’t own any mines or mineral deposits in Australia, I’m not sure it will be worth his while.”

“It might just be worth ignoring the government or pulling down footage of a bloke getting stabbed.”

Elon Musk was unavailable for comment.

More to come.


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