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A Queensland woman living out of state has admitted she deeply yearns for the theatrics of a tropical thunderstorm, stating that the storms in Melbourne just don’t cut it.

Having lived in the land of the puffer jackets for roughly one year, Marie Tenet, 28, says that she’s quite enjoyed her time living away from home, and has so far, not come to miss much.

Or so she’d thought.

Stating that she’d assumed she’d miss her family and friends most, Marie was surprised to find herself instead deeply longing for a ‘shit your pants’ thunderstorm – a.k.a Queensland style.

“We used to have such severe thunderstorms, the whole street would black out”, says Marie, with a dreamy look in her eye, “it was both terrifying, and exhilarating as a kid.”

“Some claps of thunder would be so loud, it’d be deafoning.”

“And the lightning, of Effie, the LIGHTNING.”

“It’s really something else.”

Marie says that even though she’s enjoyed a few storms in Sydney, it just doesn’t have the same ‘IT factor.”

“Right now, I just want to sit in the veranda of a Queenslander, with a tin roof, with a hot cup of tea with a good book, as it buckets down.”

“That’s my happy place.”

More to come.


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