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The country’s authority on healthy lifestyles and the puppet responsible for teaching primary school kids right from wrong, has found himself in a bit of hot water this morning after being waved into a random testing station on Overell Rd heading out of Betoota.

The Advocate can confirm that Derek Slender, or Healthy Harold as he’s more commonly known, has been charged with driving while under the influence, despite trying to disguise his intoxication by slipping into his hollowed-out caravan to smash some mouth wash.

It’s believed he did test positive, and according to police, the mouthwash he gargled just accentuated the drugs in his system.

Back at the station The Advocate sat down with Healthy Harold to check if everything’s alright and to figure out just how he went from loveable giraffe to flat out junkie.

“It just spiralled, man. Schools stopped booking me as much once the internet kicked off and I realised I didn’t know who I was if I wasn’t Harold”

“If I got high enough, the line where Derek stopped and Harold started just didn’t exist”

At this point, our reporter decided to call the interview.

It’s understood that Healthy Harold’s license has been suspended for 2 years.


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