Former high school popular chick, Hayley Giteau (32) has today popped back into the newsfeed with a suspiciously basic fast-money opportunity.

Fresh off the back of burning bridges with just about every family member and close friend with a blatant health supplement pyramid scheme, Hayles has found an even easier way to get that bread gurl.

“Basically it’s about networking and recruiting, where you invest $300 dollars at your own risk, and you end up with $2400” she says, in an unwarranted encrypted WhatsApp message, after spotting interest in the shape of a ‘like’ on her most recent Facebook status about ‘new

Ever since the promising professional footballer hopeful she dated throughout high school went to prison for grievous bodily harm, Hayley has been on the up and up with different little businesses.

First there was the mobile spray tan business, then there was the tupperware importing business.

After a brief stint living in Bali, Hayley returned to the hometown and took up work with an extremely dodgy multi-layered-marketing health and wellbeing opportunity.

However, this cool new thing called Loom appears to be so exciting it’s left all of those other little entrepreneurial projects in its dust.

While Hayley says all you need to do is invest $300 and you will make eight times the amount once they recruit family and friends – she’s a bit light on any other information – and refuses to talk about the business outside of WhatsApp.

“Trust me.” she says.

“I know it sounds like a pyramid scheme, but it totally isn’t”

“”The guy that told me about it is test-driving an Audi this week”


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