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The nation’s Nightwatchman Prime Minister has today greeted some members of the Australian Lebanese community with a Yassou.

It’s not yet known why the Nightwatchman threw in the Yassou, a multi-purpose term meaning “your health” in Greek and often used by Greek people as a casual greeting.

The strange cultural reference comes after the member for the Cook yesterday dropped a ‘ni hao’ when speaking with a Korean woman in Strathfield yesterday.

His comment drew criticism around the country after he did his best impersonation of a racist One Nation voter who says they think ‘all Asians look the same.’

However, the awkward gaffe seems to have failed to perturb the man who is trying to brand himself as a daggy blokey dad to win an election for some reason, who this morning was trying his best to seem like he isn’t a white bogan from the Shire.

“Ha ha anyone got an Ouzo,” the Nightwatchman laughed to the confused members who had to take time out of their day to pose for photos with the bumbling politician.

“Seriously, how good are Dolmades?”

“Ha ha this concrete could do with a hose down aye,” he finally said before his media advisor dragged him away.


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