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A local woman who has been a little bit Slim Dusty today, has just had her 12 hour Game Of Thrones Marathon interrupted briefly by a young man on a pushy.

Speaking to The Advocate just moments ago as she hoovered up a takeaway container of Pad Thai, young Lucy Hannah from Betoota’s French Quarter explained today has been surprisingly productive.

“I was pretty angry with myself this morning when I woke up feeling like I’d eaten a raw chicken breast and lay down in front of grader last night,” Hannah said ploughing through the Thai dinner deal that had just been delivered.

“Because I had so much I needed to do today.”

“But luckily, I’ve managed to pretty much finish all the chores I needed to do.”

“Oh,” she laughed sensing our confusion.

“Not like going shopping, or doing the washing, or cleaning my room or any of that lame shit, but I managed to get through the last two seasons of Game Of Thrones so I’m ready for tomorrow.”

Hannah explained that she’s had tomorrow pencilled in for a long time, and after a mammoth ad campaign bombarding her this month, she’s ready to go.

“That shit with Drogon last season, holy Moses. Surely John Snow get’s it done this season, like he literally has to doesn’t he?”

We confirmed that she was probably right before leaving her in peace to enjoy her Sunday evening soon to be filled with dread and regret.


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