After a lengthy leadership trying to win over voters who are now alomst completely detached from traditional media channels, Rebecca White MP has today announced her decision step down as Tasmanian Labor party leader.

This comes after a third straight election defeat, and a subsequent decision to not form government with any of the independents or Green MPs that were elected over the weekend.

Despite suggesting she was open to form a minority government in her election night speech, it seems that the party’s state administrative committee dismissed the idea in the days that followed

The six-member committee, which White was a member of herself, declared the election lost earlier in the week, opting to not entertain the chaos that the Liberals will now have to navigate with their own minority government.

As a result of this decision, the unsuccessful Labor opposition will now re-elect a new leader to take them into a scary new world of dwindling major parties and TikTok misinformation.

However, it seems an election loss and change of leadership is still far more favourable than collaborating with the eight non-Labor affiliated MPs that the party would need to appease to make the number.

This includes the Tasmanian Greens, who Ms White and her fellow Union heavies had frequently ruled out working with during the campaign.

While mainland lefties screech on social media about Tasmanian Labor’s self-defeatist decision to discredit the Greens to the point of losing an election, the outgoing leader and her committee are firm in their decision to cut their losses and regroup.

“Look we’d have loved for Australia to be a completely red map of Labor governments” says one high-ranking Tasmanian Labor figure from the party’s right faction, Billy McTreelopper.

“But we just don’t see eye to eye with those basket-weavers in the Greens. You’ve gotta understand it’s different down here”

The trade unionist turned Labor Party executive went on to explain that the Tassie greens aren’t anything like those Queensland Greens that are dominating the movement federally.

“Have you seen these freaks we’ve been asked to work with!?”

“These people are so far left that they think midwives should be banned. And that’s the good ones. The rest want to ban any form of childbirth as a whole”

“We are just gonna have to take our licks and try again next time. Nothing would get done if we promote the Greens to decision-making roles in a Labor Government. Nothing gets done when you’ve gotta legitimately consider proposals to ban cars and roads from the Island”



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