The Federal Government has this week softened the laws around the sale of disposable gadgets capable of burning nicotine-infused chemicals into a vapour, which is then inhaled into the lungs of addicts.

Known as ‘vapes’ – the colourful mass manufactured pen-like plastic devices can be found hidden in millions of school backpacks and discarded in literally every waterway in the country.

However, debates still rage over whether or not this highly addictive and hardly-studied habit of inhaling boiling Chinese chemicals should be outlawed.

Parliament finds itself split three-ways over the ethics of allowing Australians to inhale boiling Chinese chemicals, many of which are currently distributed into the community through blackmarket syndicates.

The Albanese government had previously vowed to ban the sale of vape outside of pharmacies, and even then, customers must come equipped with a prescription. The regulated vapes would come in plain packaging and flavours will be limited to mint, menthol and artificial ‘tobacco’.

However, the Greens say that the prescription model is classist, and will only give oxygen to a blackmarket that will sell far less regulated vapes to addicts at a cheaper price.

This has forced the Labor Government to water down their restrictions to remove the need for prescription, while still limiting the sale to pharmacists.

Pharmacists are pretending to be not that excited by this absolute cash cow, which will see millions of more customers filing into their stores to service their addictions to inhaling boiling Chinese chemicals.

The Coalition has said the government should do nothing to restrict the inhaling of boiling Chinese chemicals, and instead places taxes on this habit that could easily result in a whole generation not living long enough to end up on the aged care pension.

The fact that every suburban station street in the country suddenly has about 6 or 7 newsagency-style shopfronts that don’t sell any newspapers has not yet been clocked by any of the politicians, as the scale of this environmental and public health epidemic is downplayed by both sides of politics.

Nobody has yet asked any health experts or scientists their thoughts on the repercussions of inhaling boiling Chinese chemicals.


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