A young slavic lad has provided his heritage branded style of awkwardness and given his Tinder date the ič. 

While out on a date with another Balkan youth, that somehow wasn’t set up by one of his aunties, Betoota youth Luka Djodovic was telling his date Leah Majstorovic about his social basketball, Adidas jacket collection and why he reserves the right to say wog.

However, Leah’s family left the former Yugoslavia in the 1940s and finds ‘90s era slavs like Luka to be just a bit full on, causing her to get ‘the ič’.

The date that had once started with good intentions and two shots of slivovitz was now an evacuation situation for Leah who pretended that her baba had messaged her with a family emergency.

“Oh shit, I got to go,” stated Leah, her skin crawling with ič.

“Baba’s made too many cabbage bags and she needs me to come over and help her so I don’t catch skinny.”

Reporter Louis Burke then asked Luka if he was OK with the published headline, adding that his family came to Australia as Burkovic and that they still do slava sometimes.

“Yeah sure, but you know c in ‘ič’ makes a hard ‘ch’ sound right?” asked Luka, giving Louis a bit of the ič himself with the intense way he maintained eye contact.

“It sounds as if I gave her something itchy. You can publish it but change my name yeah? Change my hobbies too, just don’t make me sound like a stereotype.”

“Wait, did you say slava before? Are you a fucking Serb?”


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