In news that nobody wants to really interrogate that much, Splendour in the Grass 2024 has been cancelled according to music industry reports.

Australian ‘music journalism’ publishers have reported that the festival’s promoters “could not confirm that the festival will go ahead this year.”

There has been no official statement from the festival, but the news has broken the hearts of many people who hold special memories of their times spent prancing through the sunkissed plains of North Byron Parkland over the last twenty years.

Australian superstar Kylie Minogue was billed to headline, with G Flip, Tash Sultana, Angie McMahon, Confidence Man, and a list of renowned international acts.

Unfortunately, it seems this is not enough in 2024, as the young people appear to have lost their spark as a result of the sacrifices they made during the pandemic.

The Australian youth had both their sense of adventure and financial emancipation robbed from them by the world’s strictest public health orders, which had been installed to protect the post-war generation who are now raising rent in property investments right around the country.

Once upon a time, the idea of jumping in van and spending three days camping in Byron in between watching live performances of the nation’s most popular musical acts would have seemed like a very doable adventure for young people.

However, in a post-pandemic hangover, the youth have been stunted by the psychological effects of being forced to spend the prime of their lives indoor.

The cost-of-living and slowing economy also means the kids really can’t be able to afford leaving the house for more than 3 or so hours to attend a Taylor Swift or Fred Again concert.

Unfortunately, it appears the future of Australian music now relies on the three of four international artists who are big enough to warrant filling up and Australian football stadium enough times for the struggling Aussie dollar to be worth it.

Also three days in Byron costs the same as a week in Bali.



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