Are the recent NSW Blues jersey sponsors the perfect illustration of the state’s cultural downfall and descent into global irrelevance? Many Australians would argues yes.

Known as the premier state, NSW has long held an air of superiority over the rest of the country as the beating heart of the nation.
Boasting the oldest cities, largest population and most iconic landmarks, NSW has always considered itself the main character of Australia.

Over the past decade though, NSW’s reputation as ‘the place to be’ has fallen by the wayside due to unaffordability, strict nightlife regulations and being a magnet for the country’s boomer-elite for several decades. Hardly the breeding ground for decent footballers, or globally successful bands.

Remarkably, the devolution of Australia’s premier state almost perfectly corresponds with the changing of its footy team’s jersey sponsors.

The transition from VB to Brydens Lawyers to Westpac almost perfectly matches up with NSW’s transition from being a fun loving state to a money hungry Darwinist hellscape and finally into a playground for the victors of capitalism.

It seems as though the glaringly red advertisement on the sky blue jersey is a metaphor for the blood of the state’s working class as life in NSW becomes more and more inhospitable.

Amir (27), a renter in Sydney, has said he appreciates the recognition of his suffering by the state’s footy team.

“It’s great actually, as a Sydney sider it’s not often that the bottom 99% of society gets represented.”

“Feels good” Amir admitted to reporters while he was half under his kitchen sink cupboard trying to fix a longstanding plumbing issue without bothering his merciful landlord.

Josh Barnsley (43), a former bar owner in the heart of Sydney’s nightlife precinct, says the current sponsors make a lot of sense.

“As someone that had to close my business due to the states North Korea-esque nightlife rules that were impossible to keep up with.”

“So the The Star is a fitting sponsor, because our entire liquor code has been altered to channel foot traffic into their soul-sucking mega casino. Of course they should be on the jersey, they own the state!”


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