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Opposition Leader Peter Dutton is continuing to dig downwards today, and has refused to walk back his comments comparing the Port Arthur massacre to pro-Palestine protests.

The Opposition Leader sparked fierce criticism, from a whole range of political factions, for his bizarre remarks which were made in an effort to criticise the Prime Minister for not banning protests

Thirty-five people were killed and 23 others were wounded in the Tasmanian mass shooting in 1996, which sparked the immediate changes to Australian gun laws, and remains to this day a solemn memory for the Island state.

The fact that this traumatic memory is now being exploited for cheap political points has upset a great deal of people, including Tasmanian Liberal MP Bridget Archer – who represents the Federal seat of Bass. Archer described the comments as “wholly inappropriate”.

When asked about criticism from his own party, Dutton referred to Bridget Archer, one of his party’s last remaining female MPs, as just “one backbencher”.

But Jeremy Rockliff, the Liberal Tasmanian Premier, who leads the only Liberal Government in Australia, also condemned the comparison, and said “It is never appropriate to compare the Port Arthur tragedy with anything”

However, Dutton has only doubled down today, refusing to bow to the lefties who takes issue with him drawing parallels between protesters and a psychotic lone wolf serial killer who was sentenced to 1,652 years without the possibility of parole at Risdon Prison in Hobart.

“This is what’s wrong with Australia. The lefties have a problem with everything. Ya can’t make them happy. They want to ban free speech”

“This is a different kind of free speech to protesting, I should clarify. Protesting should be banned. But I don’t think I should be banned from drawing on horrifically traumatic tragedies in an effort to stoke racial divisions in this country.”

Dutton went on to say that it’s this kind of woke left nonsense that has seen his party destroyed from the inside.

“We lost 7 of our safest seats last election because it seems the doctors wives of this country have become feminists who subscribe to this kind of PC snowflake rubbish”

“Now you wanna talk about comparisons. Losing every waterfront metropolitan electorate in Australia to these silly women, now that was a Bombings of Darwin”.

“It’s so much worse that we lost to females. The Imperialist Japanese of genders”


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