A recent report has declared that the cheapest garlic bread found in supermarkets surpasses the quality of anything available at fancy restaurants.

The study sought to determine whether the allure of expensive dining establishments could hold a candle to the humble, gooey, supermarket garlic bread.

The report highlights several key findings, including the superior butter-to-bread ratio, the perfect balance of crunchiness and softness, and the nostalgia surrounding the home brand garlic bread.

“It’s a culinary masterpiece,” declared local food critic Penny Young (33).

“The way the garlic melds with the buttery goodness of the bread—it’s sheer perfection”

When compared to fancy restaurant garlic bread, 9/10 people agreed that the cheap stuff wins out.

“Can’t stand the fancy stuff, barely any butter, so crunchy, and the garlic is just way too overpowering!” Penny explained.

As word spreads of the supermarket garlic bread’s newfound status as the reigning champion of carb-based side dishes, restaurants are left scrambling to reassess their menus.

The new discovery is a small but meaningful victory for many working Australians bearing the brunt of the cost of living crisis that are looking to spoil themselves at a low cost.


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