In an act that could only be interpreted as an undercover flex to his povo mates that didn’t get hooked up with a good job from a family friend, local high roller Matt Young (26) has flaunted his wealth by purchasing a bag of exorbitantly priced chips that could only sold at a bottle-o.

The saga unfolded during a casual pre-drink at a friend’s house, where Matt, known for his grand displays of wealth, decided to make a statement by getting snacks from the same place he’s getting his drinks to avoid having to stop off at a normal store on the way back to pre’s.

“It was a masterclass in flexing,” admitted Josh Agca (28). a mate of Matt’s. 

“I mean, who even knew that you could buy chips at a bottle shop, I thought they were decorations or something, I’ve never actually seen someone fork over the money for something like that.. what a baller.”

As Matt left the now silent bottle shop he left behind a lingering sense of awe and bemusement, even the man behind the counter was stunned by the purchase of a $12 bag of chips that served as a reminder of his extravagant taste and wealth.


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