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A single solider squad has concluded a 12 second kitchen-manhunt for a rogue moth that ultimately ended in the moth being squashed and killed, leaving a grey smudge on the kitchen wall as the final act of defiance in it’s renegade life.

The unnamed moth first gained prominence one week ago when it was briefly mistaken for a mosquito as it flew in front of the TV screen.

Once it was discovered to be a moth and not a blood thirsty mozie, apartment dweller Katie Wood (36) deemed the insect to be a harmless tenant, a decision she would later regret.

“I thought it was safe,” stated Wood as she stared at the metallic grey smudge on her kitchen wall that the moth had unintentionally left as a place where others could mourn and eventually worship.

“How wrong I was.”

Two days prior to the death of the moth, Wood was disturbed to discover her erroneous housemate had destroyed her Cornflakes, inspiring a future generation of flying insects that would flap about to remind her it might be time to give the place a tidy.

Disgusted to learn she could no longer eat her dry and tasteless cereal, Wood made a note to kill the moth should she ever see it again, forgetting to plan for the moth’s desperate and ultimate final protest.

“Oh yuck, it’s on my hand too.”

More to come.


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