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Scientists at the CSIRO Betoota Site revealed today that they have uncovered something that could be truly life changing to women across Australia, and potentially the world.

The announcement came from Nigel Osmand, the lead researcher behind the breakthrough.

“We never thought it would be possible to find a woman happy with her passport photo, but here we are”

“She truly is a scientific marvel”

It’s believed the scientists discovered Michelle Carrington after she came into the CSIRO on a field trip with her year 3 class. It’s understood she was required to provide a photo for her check-in tag, at which point she handed over a spare passport photo, Ms Carrington was then told she didn’t have to choose that photo and that she could choose any photo she wanted to.

It was at this point Ms Carrington said, “Nah it’s ok, I like my passport photo.”

This simple comment sent the CSIRO staff into absolute mayhem, several staff rushing to find Nigel and tell him what they discovered.

“We’ve brought her back in since then, we want her here for a week to run full body tests and brain scans to find out if Ms Carrington is just hardwired differently, or if there is a chance that her condition can be taught to other women.”

“It’s still early stages, but it’s looking promising”

“By as early as 2023, women across the country might stop complaining about their passport photos.”

With the European Summer travel season fast approaching, we can only hope Nigel and his team find success sooner than 2023.

More to come.


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