The boss of a local worksite has proven he’s the ultimate workplace comedian today by unloading a few hilarious gags while on the job.

Clive Anderson, 48, is currently supervising the construction of the new Diamon Sands Casino in downtown Betoota, a job that seems to be taking two years longer than planned.

But despite being seriously behind schedule, The Advocate can report the mood is still high on site all thanks to Clive’s ability to crack ripper and uncalled for one-liners, the kind of quips that most certainly do not annoy the rest of his workforce.

After watching his team dawdle into site, it’s alleged this morning Clive spotted young Luke Donohan, a 22-year-old apprentice wearing pink PPE.

Seeing the young buck walk in five minutes late because he couldn’t find a park for his new Amarok, Clive decided he’d make an example of Luke and point out he might’ve got his washing mixed up this week with his Irish girlfriend’s traffic controller attire.

“Going to see Barbie tonight, aye Princess?” Clive cracked, as he sucked the last ashes of nicotine from a Winfield Red cigarette.

“What time are ya taking the Misso to the movies, going to get all dressed up with the girlies are ya?”

Hoping to bait a reaction from his fellow high vis warriors, Clive was disappointed to see his incredibly witty banter barely scored a chuckle from his crew.

“Righto then, let’s get into our stretches, Luke you’re up the front this morning, let’s see what you’ve been learning at your girlfriends Pilates class!”


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