The only people whose lives may be slightly inconvenienced by a successful referendum result have today meet in secrecy to discuss the next phase of their plans to derail the Indigenous Voice.

Mining billionaires and private prison bosses, whose tax-dodging multinational corporations depend on the lack of communication between politicians and Aboriginal community leaders, have been working tirelessly to maintain the continued silencing of First Nations people who may be able to offer lawmakers critical solutions to solving the near 3rd-world standard of literacy and life expectancy amongst our most vulnerable citizens.

Aside from pouring millions into funding the heavily-resourced NO campaign, this conglomerate of Melbourne Demons supporting business figures must also prepare Australia’s media landscape, of which close to 80% answers directly to Rupert Murdoch, with the talking points that they believe will convince voters to

Aside from the full blown conspiracy and misinformation being pedalled by far-right groups and Sky News, Australia’s most circulated mastheads are also blatantly opposed to the Indigenous Voice, namely because they were left so red-faced after marriage equality was legalised despite their delusional confidence that it would be a landslide no.

But while the churches and conservative politicians were strongly against same-sex marriage, the only people publicly opposed to the Indigenous Voice are the three Aboriginal people that NewsCorp are willing to platform. However, the Indigenous Voice still looks an easier win for the far-right, because it is blatantly clear that only the NO vote has funding from billionaires.

The same billionaires who warehouse young black men and women in poorly run privatising prisons for private gain – and tear apart the sacred sites of remote traditional owners in search of royalty-free fossil fuels that get sold overseas by the container ship without one residual dollar being spent on local schools or roads – have also teamed up with the last remaining Federal Liberal MPs to still limp through the halls of Parliament House after being absolutely humiliated in the 2022 Federal Election with the loss of over 20 seats to

So far, their most successful angle has been that the those in favour of the Yes Campaign is being run by ‘elites’ – rather than a bunch of unpaid grassroots activists and a couple of Indigenous elders that the media was only willing to listen to when it looked like Tony Abbott or Scott Morrison could take credit for the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal people.

With the nation’s conservative billionaire now given license to redefine the word ‘elite’ itself – Australians wait excitedly to see what kind of misinformation Rupert Murdoch still has up his sleeve ahead of the October vote.

At time of press, the Betoota Advocate had not heard back from the media contact for the elites that run the YES campaign, because they had to pick up their kid from school, and actually aren’t used to getting phone calls from Australian journalists.


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