The New South Wales government has backed calls for the once iconic nightlife strip Kings Cross to instead be referred to as “Cowards Cross.

It comes after nearby baby boomer residents released a statement expressing gratitude for the support of doctors, police and the general public for their help in dealing with the youth that frequent the area.

“The term Kings Cross is outdated. It has some outdated connatations that suggest fun and a good time. That is not what this place represents anymore” the Potts Point Residents group statement reads.

“We prefer the terms ‘Cowards Cross’ – because the people that go out and ruin the ambience in this up and coming suburb with their music and their yahoos are nothing but cowards”

“We have all been affected so much by this disgusting night trade and our clear focus remains with our negatively geared properties through this difficult time.”

State Police Minister Troy Grant says he agrees about the use of the term “Cowards Cross”.

“The only people that wouldn’t embrace this would be cowards that would go and get enjoy the nightlife in such a cowardly way,” he said.

“The entire community has got to do this.”

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has also taken time off her gruelling schedule of paying overseas contractors billions of dollars to not build a light rail system – and banning music festivals – to throw in her two cents

“This has got to be called for what it is”

“It’s a coward, gutless cross, and that’s exactly what it’s got to be called from this moment on.”

“It’s gotta be called that so these degenerate youths know that by going out and making noise – they are making life hard for the residents who moved into the area over the last couple years. They don’t deserve this. “

“They are doing the city a service by rapidly gentrifying the area so the junkies and Lebos have to move west. We should respect their wishes”


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