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A senior editorial staff member at The Betoota Bugle has revealed to The Advocate this week that even they are surprised with how quickly Fairfax Media has gone down the shitter in the wake of their merger with Nine Entertainment Co.

The online-only Bugle was founded in 2009 in an ill-fated attempt to muscle in on the lucrative south-west Queensland media industry – and i expected to cease operations in June this year.

That fact may have prompted this disgruntled employee to contact The Advocate, an independent Chinese family-owned newspaper, to share just how bad things have gotten at our nation’s third-last bastion of acceptable journalism.

“Having rev-share with assets like Married At First Sight and the National Rugby League really does cheapen our brand,” they said.

“That became truly evident after the merger. We could no longer be critical about rugby league or the malignant mass on society that is reality television,”

“The tone on our newspaper became nastier. Not only did we publish news articles surrounding your Clancy Overell’s (Editor of The Advocate) foot fetish, our Chief-of-Staff was the one who leaked the video of him stealing shoes from outside that yoga studio,”

“We were never a gossip newspaper but we became one shortly after the merger. It makes me sad to think what we once were, looking at what we’ve now become. Oh well, I’ve got no savings, car payments and rent to pay so I guess I’m just going to have to suck it up, aren’t I?”

Our reporter nodded.

More to come.


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