One senior pub regular at Betoota’s Lord Kidman Hotel has today been left with a sense of hope in the next generation of degenerate mid-week pissheads.

This comes after Artie Glenmore (79) let rip with a very loud bout of flatulence, which was one of those ones that keeps going even after you think it is finished.

The urinal, which was was stacked with half pissed millennials and Gen-Xers, remained silent, in a moving display of maturity and respect for the old codger.

The fluff, which sounded like someone bread-rolling a green-tree frog over a sheet of corrugated iron, was reported to have been so fucking funny, that even Artie cracked a wry grin – while expecting an eruption of laughter and jeering.

However, the younger blokes, knowing full well that this moment of vulnerability could have been bestowed on anyone, kept a straight face and pretended to read the weird eye-level advertisements for children’s charities and upcoming pay-per-view boxing matches.

“They didn’t need to do that” says Artie, with a glisten in his eye.

“But I’m bloody glad they did. Now I can sit back down in my exact same seat and continue punting for the next four hours without having to acknowledge them with a wink every time they walk past”


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