For former Sydney disc jockey, DJ Knucklebutter, the images of over 2 million protesters in the Central streets of Hong Kong brought back feelings of nostalgia.

It reminded him of February 2016. When he and between 8000-10000 other Sydney youths hit the streets of the harbour city to protest the archaic, orwellian, draconian Sydney lock out laws.

This comes as Hong Kong’s record-breaking political protests enter a second week, after protestors who had filled the city’s streets in record numbers on Sunday rejected an apology from leader Carrie Lam, and vowed to continue their fight against a controversial law she championed.

DJ Knux says this is just like the lock-out laws all over again, and wishes the Hong Kong protestors well.

“Just don’t give up the fight” he says.

“Our fight had to go underground into warehouse raves and sharehouse muntfests. We couldn’t keep the same numbers on the street. Because of the cops man”

“A lot of my friends work in the stockmarket at Hong Kong, and they said the nightlife is sick. So it would be a real shame if they ruined this”

As of Wednesday, the demonstrations have spiralled into the worst political violence since the handover of Hong Kong from British rule, with police firing tear gas and rubber bullets and attacking protesters.

“Haha. Don’t get me started” says Knux.

“That reminds me so much of the New South Wales police”


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