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Now that the dust has settled from this year’s election, a French Quarter man has thrown the opportunity to see the bigger picture from the result in the creek this morning, as he chooses to continue to lump blame from the shock election result upon regional Queenslanders.

Sitting cross-legged in his second-favourite pair of salmon chinos, Dexter Alex-Praxes said ‘bogans’ and ‘hillbillies’ from the outer reaches of the Sunshine State were responsible for ruining Bill Shorten’s journey to The Lodge.

He joined our reporter at the Pisse Dans Ma Poche Cafe on Rue de Branlette this morning for a coffee.

“We have the data now that proves Scott Morrison was more popular with uneducated people,” he said.

“That he appeared to voters as being the less elite option. If only country people understood what we educated inner-city leaders were trying to do for them. The Nationals don’t care about them. We care about them. They are being held to ransom,”

“It’s just so annoying. We tried to help these people but at the end of the day, Queensland really is the arsehole of the Commonwealth. I’m embarrassed to call this state home,”

“They should’ve been able to see through Murdoch’s lies and Clive Palmer’s bullshit anti-Labor party, like me. I might have a postgraduate education but even somebody with a basic, Arts Degree-level of education would be able to see they were being sold a lie. I’m just so fucking done.”

Our reporter put it to Mr Alex-Praxes that perhaps the nation’s media ownership laws and the fact News Corp owns the lion’s share of media in Queensland might have played a part in the election result, to which Dexter said he ‘didn’t care’.

He said they should’ve known better.

“I need somebody below me to blame this on. You can’t just come in here and tell me two billionaire elites are responsible for the anti-elite candidate winning. Do you know how fucking crazy you sound?”

Dexter then got up from the table and pointed his finger at our reporter.

“Fuck you. I’m not going to sit here and talk to somebody who doesn’t have the same opinion as me. Somebody who isn’t going to tell me I’m right. You’re part of the problem.”

More to come.


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