Although many hypothesised Detroit horror-rapper Eminem peaked in 2002, the man himself continues to make the statement fact with the release of his 11th studio album Music To Be Murdered By.

Returning to his alter-ego Slim Shady, the rapper appears to be aiming his latest release to old fans of his music that no longer find violence funny now they are no longer an edgy teenager.

In the opening tracks of the album, Eminem calls out critics for not liking his last album which attacked the new generation of MCs known as ‘SoundCloud rappers’ before going on to insult his critics as well as the aforementioned Soundcloud rappers.

The resulting critical reception has been largely mixed with Vulture calling it ‘his biggest piece of shit since his last piece of shit’ and Rolling Stone calling it ‘the audio equivalent of a pigeon picking at the corpse of a vagrant.’ 

Little do they know that they have struck the spark that has now become the fire that has inspired Eminem’s next album. 

“This next album is just for the critics,” stated Eminem while searching under his sink for some peroxide. 

“I’m gonna do to them what I did to MGK, only I’m gonna rap faster because that’s what people liked about me to begin with right?”



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