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Ringers Western Outlets across Brisbane and the South East Corner are today shutting up shop early.

This comes after the stores within 100km’s of the CMC Rocks Festival in Ipswich have been striped barer than a 1960’s block of Queensland land.

With the sell out festival taking place this weekend in the cosmopolitan centre of Ipswich, concrete cowboys have made sure to stock up ahead of their annual ‘Act Like A Bushie’ weekend.

Jayden Phipps whose family own some land a few hundred k’s out of Brisbane, but spent the entirety of his school years at a prestigious boarding school in the city, explained that he wanted to get some fresh kit ahead of this year’s festival.

“Yeahhhhhh (sic), just nice to treat yaself ya know,” said Phipps drawing out his yeah longer than he normally would.

“Looking forward to it,” said the young man who works as a civil engineer for some construction company that started a few years ago who cashed in on the boom.

A spokesperson for the retail brand explained they tried to stock up ahead of the weekend but just simply couldn’t meet demand.

“The polished RM brigade always comes steaming in at this time of year, and we can never seem to get enough stuff for them,” the spokesperson said.

“Anyway, we’ve told our employees to take the weekend off and enjoy themselves cause we’ve got nothing left to sell.”


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