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Sitting at a trendy French quarter cafe, Leslie Antwerp has found herself questioning her boyfriend’s love and desire for her after catching him staring longingly at one particular part of the menu. 

It’s been confirmed that Timbo, her boyfriend, had been locking eyes with the sides on the menu, specifically what’s best described as a perfectly golden combination of crispy and fluffy potato – otherwise known as the hash brown. 

Leslie watched Timbo fantasise with the menu for 5 whole minutes before she spoke up; conflicting reports suggest that Timbo may have even had drool dripping from his mouth. 

“Timbo, what the fuck?” 

“Are you messaging another girl behind that menu?” she laughed.

Snapped out of his trance, Timbo laughed at his girlfriend. 

“What, babe? Sorry, it’s just that they’ve got hash browns on the menu”

“I don’t care what the menu has on it” snapped back Leslie.

“I wish you’d look at me like that?” 

Timbo almost laughed at this but managed to suppress his response.

More to come.    


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