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A local chef with a questionable reputation is this evening assuring his mate’s girlfriend that he knows how to get her out of jury duty, one hundred percent.

“It’s so easy” claimed Trent McPherson, a self-proclaimed jury-dodging genius.

“Have you got a letter from your work?”

Jasmine, the mate’s girlfriend, then informed Trent that obviously she had done that, and it hadn’t worked.

“Really? Ok… Well there’s a few things you can do now, have you got a pen?”

“These are some things I’ve done before that I reckon got me off: came in pissed, asked what everyone’s star signs are, told them I was vegan”

“You can try to get a criminal record tonight if you want, wanna drive us down to the pub?”

Jasmine then asked Trent the oracle if there was any truth to the myth about ‘the list’, a supposed list that selectors go through to choose their jury.

It’s rumoured that once you’re on the list your name is in rotation, you’ll keep getting called up again and again.

“Yeah, that’s legit”

“That’s why I kept getting called up. I reckon they got sick of me but because I haven’t been called up for ages”

“Trent wins!” 


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