As our beloved Royals continues to grieve the unexpected and far too premature passing of the selfless Queen Elizabeth II, once again the world’s attention turns to the conniving and sinister ‘American’ woman who has manipulated the unwitting and exploitable Prince Harry into turning against his family and destroying the historic and noble institution from the inside.

Of course, Meghan Markle could not help herself at the funeral this week, as she allowed cameras to take photographs of her from every angle while she appeared to cry during the 96-year-old Monarch’s eulogies that she should have never been given front row access to.

She just had to make it about herself.

And now of course, her army of woke non-Monarchists come rushing to her defence, because apparently she should not be judged for the way she reacts to the treatment she brings upon herself by tainting the legacy of the good people she very undeservingly gets to now call her extended family.

A family who makes up the very fibre of our identity as proud Australians.

A family who have so loyally served their people, which includes us, a country are who VERY MUCH still part of the British Commonwealth.

She has come through like some sort of B-List Los Angeles ring-in and is working tirelessly to destroy everything. Why? Because she’s just awful.

Now when it comes to the disastrous reputational damage this poor family have experienced in recent years, some may point to other Royals. Some may point to the new King, even.

But the discretions of these exhausted and selfless British men simply do not compare to what this woman has done.

What she has done is worse. Than anyone else. She has actively tried to destroy this family – rather than accidentally. If we want to point the finger at anyone, it should be her. She is the chink in the armour of this proud Monarchy – and she should wear the blame for any other flak they have caught as a result of her attention-seeking, destructive actions.

In fact, after tearing the Royals apart, divisive Meghan Markle deserves to be treated like someone who would frequently catch private jets to a secret Caribbean island to spend time with a villainous American billionaire who was proven to have groomed hundreds of underage girls into sex trafficking for close to thirty decades until he somehow hanged himself without a rope in a guarded New York jail cell to prevent all of the names from his network of high society pedophiles from being exposed.

Ever since she came along, this family has been inundated with scandal. Let’s not blame anyone for this but her.


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