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Letting out a frustrated sigh, local bloke Mitch Fields curses whatever cunt decided to make the Apple TV remote so fucking small.

Not only can he not find it, but he estimates this is probably the third time this week that he’s lost the bloody thing, and it doesn’t appear to be in its usual hiding place either (wedged somewhere beneath the couch cushions).

After a thorough inspection of the couch cushions proved fruitless, Mitch had no other choice but to turn his frustrations onto his roommate Peter, who’d spent the entire time sitting on an armchair and scrolling his phone.

“Do you know where the remote is?”, he asks Peter, who very likely would have said something already unless he’s some kind of sadist.

“Ahh yeah mate I do actually”, replied Peter, not looking up from his phone.

“It’s up your arse.”

Pausing his search to give Peter a sarcastic ‘HAHAHA’, Mitch orders him to get off the armchair so he can inspect it, and grumbles something about how he’d help him if the shoe was on the other foot.

More to come.


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