In an era where inflation has somehow become a competitive sport, some Australians are well prepared for the Cost of Living Crisis aka The New Normal.

One prepared Australian is local nana Miriam Murphy (84) who has saved up a literal fortune after decades of only buying Black and Gold supermarket items.

With the exception of Imperial Leather soap, Murphy has conducted her over six decades of grocery shopping under a strict ‘no brands but home brands’ rule. 

Although Murphy admits she has always disappointed her grandchildren when it comes to offering them soft drinks, while they are whinging about the increased cost of rent, she is considering getting one of them to knock up a conservatory for mates rates and still have enough leftover to buy a second hand Ruth Rendell. 

“When I was a kid, every brand was home brand you see, none of this Nike Swoosh this or Macleans Nurdle that,” stated Murphy, before our reporters had even asked her a question.

“You never used to purchase a frill, you made it yourself, so buying items titled ‘No Frills’ is just a reflex for people of my generation.”

When our reporting team pointed out that the house Murphy owns was affordable not because of her Black and Gold shopping but due to it costing 60 pounds back in the early 60s she picked up a brick sized block of budget soap and led us to the sink.

“I am going to wash your mouth out for that one and I’m not wasting the good stuff on the likes of you.”


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