An Albury woman’s failed attempt to land an egg on The Nightwatchman’s head this morning has renewed calls for a drastic increase in women’s sports from Opposition leader Bill Shorten.

Mr Shorten announced today that his government would fund an extra 500 hours of live women’s sports coverage on ABC television and online, as well as a $500 million dollar injection into grassroots female sports.

“We are doing this because we believe that our women athletes deserve comparable coverage to our male athletes,” Mr Shorten said, while flanked by high-ranking ALP females in a press conference this afternoon.

“The fact that the most viewed moment in women’s sport this year was that leftie protestor shanking one off Morrison’s head is a very sad indictment on not only our coverage of womens sport, but our overall in investment in it”

“More than anything, it shows that we need to increase participation in women’s sport. Immediately. How did she miss that melon. It’s enormous”

“We should never forget that in 2012 our elite Australian women athletes won more medals even than our elite men athletes. That’s who should be giving praise too”

“Not the woman who couldn’t even crack an egg on the largest scone in politics”


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