The official date for the upcoming National Referendum has been set. On October 14th, Australians will head to the ballot to decide whether or not they believe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a voice to Parliament.

And since the starter gun went off yesterday, millions of people are researching the Voice. While they vote to include Aboriginal people in our constitution and install a Parliamentary advisory body aimed at helping consult public servants on the issues facing their community?

Unfortunately, this fairly standard conversation that Australians need to have with themselves and their family has been completely hijacked by a wave of conspiracy and fear-mongering from a political class that would self-immolate than share the esteemed hallways of Parliament House with Aboriginal people.

With conspiracies of communist and globalist (Jewish) plots to use the Indigenous Voice as a mechanism to enslave white people and take sieze their assetts, the average Australian is struggling to decipher what the fuck is going on.

Local dad, Teddy Hindmarsh (65) is not one of these average Australians.

Despite a healthy diet of Sky News propaganda, and the odd morning spent listening to angry talkback radio, Teddy has not let the furious red-toothed shiraz conservatives from Nine or NewsCorp brainwash him into helping destroy this historical moment for Australia.

With limited access to free-to-air TV channels or reliable internet due to the same poor digital connectivity faced by a vast majority of rural Australia, Teddy has had to rely on Foxtel for many years now.

This means he has over 90 cable channels to choose from. And with the ABC, Channel 9, Seven, and Ten buried deep in the TV guide – real news is hard to come by.

Luckily he has a big button on his remote that takes him directly to the 24-hour news service known as SKY NEWS.

From here he can listen to all of the scary and derogatory rants about Aboriginal people that are mainlined into the brains of hundreds of thousands of semi-retired men his age.

However, unfortunately for both the Murdoch family and Peter Dutton’s limping Liberal Party, David can see right through the Sky News coverage of the Indigenous Voice, because he’s spent the last thirty years banging The Oils in the work ute.

“I don’t care what these crazy old men have to say” says Teddy.

“The time has come to say fairs fair”


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