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A local man who has spent many a night curled up in his Betoota Heights beanbag arguing with people about the Indigenous Voice to Parliament has admitted to The Advocate he hasn’t even read the piece of text he’s arguing over.

Small businessman Rollie O’Hara made the admission this today after telling our reporter that he’s honestly just sick of where the discourse on the Voice is heading and feels like it’ll be a grim outcome for our collective sense of national identity whatever the outcome.

He explained that what he’s voting for doesn’t matter, it’s the discussion that’s getting him fired up in the comments section.

“Mate, there’s these people online that just have no idea what they’re talking about,” he said.

“A lot of them are just parroting things back they’ve seen or read in the news. Me included.”

When asked why that was, Rollie just shrugged.

“I dunno. People just like arguing.”

When asked by our reporter what concerns he had about the change to the constitution, Rollie shrugged again.

He went on to admit he hadn’t even read the constitution and said he wasn’t really aware of what the function of the constitution even is.

“I guess I can’t really say it’s beside the point. How long did you say it is? 25 pages? Yeah right. Nah, I haven’t read it. I might have to read it so I can form my own opinion on this referendum. Rather than have the ABC tell me I’m racist for even thinking of voting no. Or having Sky News tell me I’m some sort of mindless yuppie elite that lives in some Rivendell-like world far away from the troubles of the everyday man,” he said.

“What I need is Ricky Ponting sitting in the Noble Stand explaining it to me in 90 seconds in a calm tone and his trademark boyish grin at the end. That’d do me.”

More to come.


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