A recent report by every single bloke sitting next to their giggling missos on the couch has found that the boys from the Inspired Unemployed are probably pulling a few roots coming into summer.

Aside from the beachy good looks, the rising viral stars from South Coast NSW have also managed to nail that type of humour that makes girls stare at them when they aren’t looking.

While this kind of Beatlemania-like attraction from females can often strike white flames of jealousy into the hearts of your typical Australian male, The Inspired Unemployed have managed to pull it off with the full support of even the most romantically challenged onlookers.

We hit the streets to find out if everyone else is as hopeful as our newspaper is about these blokes getting the chance to lay a bit of pipe.

“Good on ’em I reckon” says Donkey, a local roof tiler from Betoota Heights.

“Hope it’s paying off for them. They are fucking funny”

Darryl, a car detailer from The Flight Path District also shares this sentiment.

“I agree with my wife. They aren’t bad looking roosters”

“They’d be swimming in it mate”



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