In a bizarre turn of events that has left the entire teaching staff scratching their heads, a veteran teacher was rendered speechless after being informed by a group of students that he suffers from a mysterious affliction known as “L Rizz.”

Mr. Thompson (73)  is a seasoned English teacher with over four decades of experience teaching at inner city schools, both pre and post gentrification. 

Known for his hands-on teaching style and ability to build a strong rapport with students of all different backgrounds, Mr Thompson prides himself on keeping up with the constantly evolving world of youth slang. Until now.

It was one Thursday afternoon with a restless classroom where the incident took place. Moments after the teacher was able to get his class to focus he was hit with the six words that have left him dazed and confused to this day.

“Hey sir, you have L rizz.” With a grin from cheek to cheek the 16 year old leaned back in his chair, completely satisfied by the look of utter confusion from his baby boomer teacher.

The 16-year-old, Jacob Small, who’s been sent to the office multiple times for quoting Andrew Tate in class, has now moved on to randomly yelling the newest fad slang words from TikTok to classmates and teachers.

Mr.Thompson, who still just assumes most of his students are on MySpace, was taken aback by the statement.

“El Riz? Is that some sort of Spanish disease? What does he mean by this? Was it something on my face?” The teacher said while interrogating some of the younger teachers in the staffroom.

The Advocate was able to lift the veil on this secretive Gen Z slang through anonymous sources.

L: or Loss, is a frequent comment on tiktok and other platforms to illustrate a user’s disappointment or dissatisfaction with a creator, as opposed to a W, or a Win.

Rizz: The act of flirting in a subtle way with a romantic interest.

L Rizz: To lack ability in flirting.

Mr Thompson chuckles upon learning this definition. If only these smart arse kids knew about his exploits with the white jean cougars down at the sailing club. L Rizz certainly does not apply to this old swordsman.


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