A young journalist with big ambitions has today proven she might just have what it takes.

Raised on a diet of ABC and SBS current affairs coverage with dreams of one day pursuing one of those stories like you see in the movies, Bridget Wilson has taken another big step towards fulfilling her dreams.

This comes after the young journalism graduate managed to spot an Instagram upload from ‘Kanye West’s Australian wife’ just 33 seconds after it was uploaded.

Realising that she might have just stumbled across the scoop of the day, the young lady immediately notified her Chief of Staff and Editor at her popular online news publication.

Immediately causing the team to spring into action, Bridget said she felt the rush of blood when her Editor told her to get 200 words about Kanye and his Australian wife sorted, pronto!

“I was trying not to see my name up on the Walkley website come nomination time,” laughed Bridget, who recently had a story about corruption in State Politics shot down.

“I just knew I had to get the story out, and block out all the noise.”

For those who don’t spend much time on the internet, Kanye’s Australian Wife, aka Bianca Censori is an Australian architect who seems to garner an incredible amount of traction on people’s computers, phones and tablets.

So much so, that any time she leaves the house in something revealing, or is spotted with Kanye West, ‘news stories’ are blurted out across various websites.

And today, Bridget got there first.

“Yeah, we got the scoop by about 10 minutes on that one,” sighed Bridget.

“What a day.”

Bridget refused to get too far ahead of herself, but said she’s hoping she’ll be able to scoop a video of a woman being kicked off a plane for wearing something deemed ‘too revealing.’

More to come.


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