A ticket from a harrowing 2023 JetStar flight to Melbourne has continued to haunt local man William Myruzynski (27), lurking ominously in the depths of his Apple Wallet.

William, from Brisbane, claims that the virtual ticket has become an unwelcome reminder of his traumatic journey.

“I thought I could escape the horrors of that flight once we landed, but that cursed e-ticket just won’t let me forget”

Haunted by the ghostly memories of cramped legroom and a horrific hung over return flight, William says the tickets remind him of why he should keep his Melbourne trips to once a year.

While many have reminded William that he can simply delete the ticket from his apple wallet, he insists that he doesn’t actually know how to get rid of it.

He has also confirmed that he’s never made an attempt to delete it either.

JetStar spokesperson, Amelia Thomas (38), dismissed William’s claims, stating,

“We take pride in our safe and affordable air travel. If Mr. Myruzynski is experiencing any lingering effects from his flight, we encourage him to view it as a valuable life experience. He’s flying with us, he should know what to expect by now” 

William’s response to the statement was swift and honest.

“Fair enough”


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