A Federal Court judge has this morning ordered the Immigration Minister to provide more evidence to support claims the youngest child of the Biloela Tamil family has no right to protection in Australia.

This ruling means the young family, who are facing ethnic persecution if it is forced back to Sri Lanka, will remain in Australia for 12 more days.

The case will return to court for an interlocutory hearing before Federal Court Justice Mordecai Bromberg on September 18.

Justice Bromberg ruled the family — father Nadesalingam, mother Priya their two children — can not be deported before that hearing.

This news comes as a slight relief to the heartbroken rural community that they have called home since the old man took a job in the local abattoir.

Biloela, a remote Queensland town of mostly coal miners and meat workers, has since become a thorn in the side for Prime Minister Morrison’s Coalition government – as the 5000 person bush community takes up the fight to protect the family who’s daughters were born in Australia and attended daycare alongside the other local kids.

The town sits firmly in the voting territory for Australia’s National Party, and its residents would usually make up the vast voting bloc that the Prime Minister refers to as ‘The Quiet Australians’.

However, over the last few months they have become quite vocal about the treatment of Nades, Priya and their daughters – who were dragged out of their beds by Border Force in May last year, as Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton decided on using this innocent brown family as a scapegoat for his tough stance on the broad conversation over what kind of people deserve asylum in Australia.

Morrison, once again refusing to step in to fix up Dutton’s incompetent management of the Home Affairs portfolio, is refusing to make an exception for this family that has done their best to assimilate and contribute to the regional town.

The Prime Minister has today urged the town’s residents to stop preaching the elite left-wing notion of ‘loving thy neighbour’.

“Haha. How Good’s Biloela” he told some nameless talkback radio announcer that he knows won’t ask him any tough questions this morning.

“I gotta say, though. Haha. They are really putting me through the ringer. Haha”

“I’m kinda like. Arghhh. Shut up. Haha”

“You’re not really acting like Quiet Australians. Haha”


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