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A French Quarter parking ranger has been forced to defend himself this morning after booking a carpenter’s ute out the front of a Rue de Branlette worksite.

Though the altercation never turned physical, police were called to the address by onlookers who feared for the ranger’s safety.

Local man Conor Mulligan, who works for EIR Vox Carpentry & Joinery, was questioned by police and let go a short time later.

Witnesses have told our reporter that the 28-year-old chippy saw French Quarter Council ranger Louis Pichot starting to book his leased Ford Ranger and sung out from the scaffolding.

“Hang on, mate!” they said Conor yelled.

“I’m coming down! I’ll move it!”

Clang-clanging down the scaffolding, Conor arrived at the bottom to see the ranger almost done with his crime against the working man.

Trying not to smile, Louis put up a hand with his other on his safety camera.

“Sorry mate, already pushed the button. Nothing I can do about it now.”

And with that, Conor began a tongue lashing that’s unfit to print.

Parking Ranger Claims He’s Already Pushed The Button; Sorry Mate Can’t Do Anything About It

With police on the scene, Conor stormed back into the worksite and the bootlicking ranger fuck continued on down his way down the Rue.

More to come,.


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